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 Children's mental health week

The children have taken part in celebrating their uniqueness and done some self portraits. Click on the link to see the article.







Snack Time is Bigger and Better

The Year 6 Pupils have helped to prepare new snacks for break time. We have carrot sticks, cucumber,

cherry tomatoes, houmous, cheese & crackers and our usual fruit of apples, oranges, bananas and Pears.

It is still 30p for the snack and over the next few weeks we will be asking the children what they

would like to eat at snack time and will try new things.

If you would like your child to have a healthy snack please send them in with 30p.

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 Snack Time is Bigger and Better

Snack is still 30p.









We Learn, We Achieve, We Shine
Dysgu, Cyflawni, Disgleirio

Attendance 2017/18

Attendance for week ending 09.02.2018

Reception   91.2%                Year 1/2 AWR  90.9%           

Year 1/2 SW  98%                Year 1/2 JT   95.2%

Year 3/4 BM  85.6%              Year 3/4 MC  96.5%

Year 3/4 RA  93.2%              Year 5 PJ   96.6%

Year 6 CG   97.2%               Class 10  97.1%          

Whole school for week ending: 12/02/18  94.2%

The total attendance for 2016/17 was 94.1%              Our target  for 2017/18 is 95.1%